Friday, August 1, 2008

Long-Awaited meetings and a Fond Farewell...

Howdy Howdy, patient and long-suffering readers. Your dear pal Timmy is back with a little bit of news, good and bad.

Let's start off with the bad stuff. This is a bit of news that is actually kind of old, but one that hurt so much that I've put it off. I, your not-so-funny and overwrought blagmaster, have moved on from the Wonderful world of the RBSFF. I want to let all of you know what the time that I spent with RBSFF and IMAX Indy was a period of growth and happiness that I doubt I'll be able to recreate in any field, but being able to return to working with children and pursuing my Grad degree is going to be a great new experience as well. I sincerely hope that (especially closer to the 2009 Fest,) we'll be able to keep the Really Big Short Blog up and running. Craiggers and a few others will be picking up the torch and carrying it into brave new territories. Folks, it has been an absolute blast, and getting to meet so many of you, learning about your lives and taking part in your work has been a dream. What we have here at RBSFF really works, and let me tell you why...

Today I found myself at a clothing store on the Northside, where I wasn't spending so much time shopping as I was bemoaning the fact that these dang kids have no sense of style anymore... anyway... a woman was walking through the store wheeling around a little girl who was NOT having a good time shopping with Mommy. Couldn't blame her... that's never a fun time no matter how old you are. Working with youngsters, I know that it's never as easy as just getting a kid to be happy and stop yelling, so I was curious to see why she wasn't so stoked to be out and about this afternoon... I sure am glad I went over there, because I was blessed to have a meeting with a little brown-eyed girl that I've wanted to have for a long time.

Today, I finally met Riley Henderson.

Many of you who participated or attended this year will remember Riley as the subject of Sarah Mynett's beautiful documentary Riley's Story. She was born with a rare Mitochondrial Disease... an area in which much scientific research is still ongoing. Riley is unable to walk or talk, which makes her ability to express things like wants or feelings very different from you or I. However, once you meet her you realize that, while she can't say it like some can, she still has the same happinesses and frustrations of any little girl. And most importantly, she's one of us. She's a part of this community who has a story that deserves to be heard, needs that we can help with, and a family who loves her so much. Riley is going to reach and bless a lot of people here and elsewhere, I'm sure.

People, what we do MATTERS. And more importantly, IT WORKS. One of the best parts about the RBSFF is that filmmakers with big and small budgets alike can get their stories, their messages, and their art showcased and presented to people within Indiana who can appreciate it not only as art and entertainment, but also as coming from US, hoosiers, folks with a common perspective. Sarah and Tabitha took a story that a lot of us might see initially as a tragedy, and exposed the beauty and inspiration of a family and a community that we can all identify with. I deal with children differently because of the story that Sarah shared with us. I think of our capabilities of Hoosier filmmaking in a new light because of Jakob and Kelly's films. And I'll never think of the power of Happiness without thinking of Duncan. Most importantly, I'll always fight for the little (local) guy because of Craig Mince. Thank you, Indiana. You've blessed me, but you all have SO MUCH MORE TO DO!

Think of what you can accomplish. Think of the stories you can tell. Think of the people you can reach. Think of the possibilities that are yours.


Big love, everyone. And just for me... clutch first.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some REALLY BIG updates.

Howdy-ho from Neighbor Tim, folks! Well smack me with a sock fulla nickels and call me Senor Wences... the continued love that we have received following last month's 2008 RBSFF has been outstanding... we assure you that all the love is headed right back to you, and we want to give you the best show yet in 2009! The biggest thing that we'd like to bring your attention to is the memories captured that weekend by a couple of amazing photographers!

First off, friday night's festivities were captured courtesy of our dear friends at, who hired an amazing photographer to chronicle what I hope we all can agree was a great evening. You can visit their Flickr site at to see some pics (posted courtesy of our own Julia "Hobo" Yoder,) that are featured here as well as many more. Say... Jules or Dunc... can we get the name of your photographer so we can pimp him out a little bit here on the Blag? That's some GREAT work that was done.

As for Saturday, friend of the Fest, (and my neighbor,) Jammy Straub of set up a "Party Crasher" page which you can find at, with plenty of pics featuring our filmmakers and guests. While you're at it, hit up his profile and give him some love for making it out!

Also, as a quick note, we're going to keep you folks posted on the possibilities of our featured films being available for purchase here at YOUR Indiana State Museum. If you have any suggestions for how we can do merchandising in the future, (RBSFF t-shirts, anyone?) Let us know. Hit me up at Yep. That there's my email.

OK, so now I'd like to switch gears and talk about what I'd like to accomplish from here until next year. Our first love here at RBSFF Central is giving exposure to and bringing together the Indiana Film Community. Craig goes a long way with the RBSFF and IMAXIndie series, but we'd also like to use The Really Big Short Blog to do that as well. If you have some ideas for projects or films we can highlight, or some pics you'd like to see go up, drop me a line and let me know. Whatever we can do to bring you guys together and build this Monster up, we want to be a part of it.

I'm going to be honing my chops as well. My own internet guru, Chalupa, was the guy who helped me cut my teeth over at He and some other Interblaggers have put together a site called which serves as a pretty great tutorial for anybody wanting to get into it... like ME! Check their stuff out... not only is Chalupa a genius and an amazing chef, but he's hilarious as well. Plus, I'd love to see some of you guys do guest articles down the road... (See how we're bringing this all together here???)

Okay, youse dudes and ladies, that's it for me today, but I'm hoping to get something back up here pretty soon. It was great to meet all of you this past month, and I hope that in the months to come we can build a tighter relationship with many, MANY more of you. Let's make this thing happen, huh? I'll push the car down the driveway if you guys can CLUTCH FIRST!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you and Goodnight!

Wow. Not much else that I can say except... wow. What a great weekend we had here at the Really Big Short Film Festival... and we owe it all to you folks. Craig and myself put a lot of hard work and long hours into this past weekend, (more Craig than me... I usually update you guys whilst sitting on my couch watching SportsCenter,) but the finished product was more than wirth it. Our filmmakers brought us an amazing program to share, and we are so grateful for those of you who came to show your support for local films and those who make them. Thank you so much for being a part of what we hope will continue to be a great Indy tradition!

So here's the rundown for those of you who weren't able to attend. Our Friday Night Picture Show showcased our top 3 films from this year, which were...

3rd Prize- Foxxy Madonna vs. the Black Death (Jacob Bilinski)

2nd Prize- Hope (Duncan Alney)

1st Prize- The Passenger (Kelly Lynch)

Honorable Mention - Riley's Story (Sarah Mynett), The Plump Legacy (Leslie Lorance)

Congratulations and thank you to our Winners and Hon. Mens, who not only brought us some wonderful entertainment, but also produced films that lend serious credence to this Film Festival and Indiana Filmmaking in general. They are using their talents and surroundings to improve the place they live in, and they deserve a great deal of credit for that. Big Kudos, youse guys.... Also, many thanks to our judges, and I'd be remiss if I didn't give another big shout-out to Craig Mince, the father of this Monster, whose dedication to showcasing local filmmakers continues to make way for better and better films. Go get em, CAM!

Oh.... are you sad that you won't be hearing from this guy any more? No? Well that's good news, cause I'm gonna be sticking around! HA! We're going to keep the Really Big Short Blog up and running to continue to provide year-round information about the Festival, and also to promote our IMAXIndie film series. IMAXIndie provides a place for local artists to have their feature films screened here at our theater, reaching an audience they might otherwise miss. Stay tuned for more deets on next year's competition and more films as they develop!

Man oh man, between the two days of being Festive, not to mention helping out with the Indiana Art Fair and getting ready to move, I have hit a wall. Good thing I have S'Mores Pop Tarts and Monster to keep me up and going! I'll be back soon, so in the interest of your vehicle, and my lack of ability to find a better catchphrase, Clutch First, Indiana!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Get Ready, HERE WE COME!

Well well well, interfriends. This is your old pal/blogmaster Timmy again. For the past couple of months now, the Really Big Short Blog has been bringing you announcements about the progression of the Really Big Short Film Festival, and this week, we are READY TO GO! The 2008 RBSFF is coming at you This Friday and Saturday, February 22 and 23, here at the IMAX Theater at your Indiana State Museum. The schedule is set, the films are ready to go, and now, all we need is YOU! We are proud to have put together an amazing couple days of films with the folks who worked so hard to get these pieces of art out there, and so it is with great pride that we're announcing (A Really Big Short Blog Exclusive!) the Top 5 Films of our 2008 competition!

Here they are, listed in Alphabetical order:

Duncan Alney - Hope
Jakob Bilinski - Foxxy Madonna vs the Black Death
Leslie Lorance - The Plump Legacy
Kelly Lynch - The Passenger
Sarah Mynett - Riley's Story

The Top 3 will be screened on Friday as a part of the Friday Night Picture Show. Most of our filmmakers will be in attendance that night as well to give you just a taste of the great shows that we'll be screening on Saturday, as will our panel of judges. We'll be presenting the RBSFF awards, and having a great evening, all around. The night starts at 7:30, with ticket prices at $9, and $5 for Indiana State Museum members.

Saturday, we'll have 4 blocks of films starting at 11 Am, with our filmmakers introducing their films. just about everyone should be here, so come expecting a chance to hobnob with the directors of the films that you see! Tickets for each block are $9, or you can purchase an all-day pass for $27!

A quick note... we had originally scheduled a feature film, The Top 8 Experiment, to run at the conclusion of our film blocks... however that one will be delayed due to a production issue. HOWEVER, we will still be showing that film in the near future as a part of of our IMAXIndie series. Stay tuned for more deets, folks!

Wow. I can't believe it's finally here. I doubt that I'll be getting much sleep in the next few days, and as a result, I'll be posting a little more information every day leading up to the big show on Friday! Keep your interblag eyes here, folks, and remember, I'm sleep-deprived and unfit to drive, so I need you to Clutch First!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back and ready to ROLL!

Howdy howdy, residents of the Interblag! It's your long-lost blogmaster Timmy here, and I must apologize for my long absence from these digital pages, as I was mourning/celebrating the life of a fine man who recently passed on in Northern Kentucky... Tough times, to be sure, but the valleys in life that we all go through often serve to remind us not only how good the mountaintops are, but also that we need not forget what pain is like, or keep from expressing that to others. Many of our filmmakers this year had an opportunity to capture the pain of sorrowful times for the rest of us to share... many of them were a great comfort to this guy.

Enough of the wahwahs... we've selected our films for this year! We here at RBSFF Central are incredibly proud of the selections that we are going to be showcasing, and even better, proud of the fact that every filmmaker who submitted a film will have at least 1 film shown on February 23. The biggest goal of this festival is to promote those who have a love of filmmaking in the state of Indiana, and we really feel like we've accomplished that goal in the scheduling this year! You can view all of this year's selections, schedules, and synopses at the mothersite, Get ready for a great time at the end of this month! WAY TO GO, GUYS!

On that note, here's a little more information on how things are going to go down. We've just received the results from all of our celebrity judges, and a winner has been selected! (Who won, you ask? Yeah right, chump. Craig and Wayne are still mad at me for ruining our Q&A with Bruce Campbell a few years back... I don't wanna give em one final reason to kill me...) We'll be showcasing the top 3 films and presenting the RBSFF awards on Friday night, February 22 at the Friday Night Picture Show here at the IMAX Theater. The following day, Saturday, February 23, we will be showing 21 films in 4 blocks, which can be viewed at the Mommasite. There will also be opportunities to mingle with the filmmakers, so be sure to be there for the whole day!

OK guys, on the Wii Boxing front, I've gotta go with the Italian Stallion. Not that La Motta couldn't hold his own, but did you see Rocky Balboa? If I'm supposed to believe that he can come out of nowhere and destroy Mason Dixon, then I have to believe he can handle his way around a WiiMote. This is a new world, people. Scorcese is winning Oscars, Eli Manning is winning Super Bowl MVPs, and Runts now have mango and pineapple candy pieces instead of lime and cherry. Anything is possible.

So that's all for now. I'll be back soon with plenty more updates and info. You just need to do your part and be ready to show up in a couple of weeks! That's the way it is, Indiana! CLUTCH FIRST!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Times, Sad Times, and Old Times at RBSFF

Howdy howdy, Indiana. Timmy here with the scoop of what's going on here at the Really Big Short Film Festival. Before we get to the latest news from RBSFF Central, we want to express the shock and frustration that we, (and many of you,) felt at hearing of the losses of Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger since our last posting. We are (needless to say,) all BIG movie fans around these parts... it's a big part of the way we've grown up and the way that we interact with and understand the world around us. When we lose those people who have helped us to make those connections, be they actors, directors, composers... we often feel as if we have lost a little bit of that ability, that understanding, that world. Renfro and Ledger were talented, talented young men who have had their share of lights-out performances, and the fact that their careers and lives have been tragically halted disheartens us greatly. Our best thoughts go out to those who loved them.

While all that has been quite sad, we've had a lot of reasons to be very excited around here! THE SUBMISSIONS ARE IN, FOLKS! Craig has already taken a look at most of them, and I'll tell ya, we've got a great field of competitors this year! Many of the submissions are from new competitors, which excites us because we know that the talent pool is growing here in Indiana! There's comedy, drama, documentaries, and all sorts of fun that will be coming your way this February 22nd and 23rd! Filmmakers, stay tuned to this channel, because we're going to have the TOP 12 listed RIGHT HERE and also on this coming Monday! If you're planning on attending the Festival, (and you'd better be!) we're going to have plenty of updates leading up to the big weekend... so get ready to come on down to the IMAX Theater here at the Indiana State Museum, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show VERY SOON.

Last year's event was a total smash, which is why we're expecting a great time this year, as well. Following the hard work put in by Festival Founder and BossHoss, The Internet's own Craig A. Mince, over 50 submissions came in from around the state of Indiana. Everyone from Pros to Amateurs, Seniors to High Schoolers got involved and shared their work with us. Our Friday Night Picture Show showcased our 3 top films; Steve Marra's Evidence of Life, Sarah Mynett's In the Blue, and Duncan Alney's Happiness. We packed the IMAX full of Indiana film fans, had a forum with the directors, and left a lot of people with a great experience. BUT as much fun as last year was, Craig and I are looking forward to an even better event this year! Show up, or suffer the taunts and ridicule of ALL your friends!
OK, so how many of you turned out for Cloverfield last week? A) Who loved it, B) Who was disturbed beyond belief, and C) WHO CAUGHT THAT THING IN THE LAST SCENE!!!! If you didn't go back and see it! You'll know what I'm talking about as soon as it happens! We also TOTALLY dug the new trailer for the Star Trek movie, and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Rambo this weekend. (Gimme a break. I love Stallone.) We'll also be doing the first round of judging this week, so get ready to hear who we picked! In the meantime, Craig and I will be pushing U2 3D here at IMAX, (Come see it. I can promise you won't regret it.) and coming back NEXT WEEK with more news and info, along with our thoughts on who would win in a game of Wii Boxing: Rocky Balboa or Jake La Motta. Keep your sticks on the ice, Indiana, and CLUTCH FIRST!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Howdy folks! It's your blogmaster, Timmy, here. We here at RBSFF are awaiting the month that lies ahead of us with great anticipation... for both the fun and trying times that will lead to another successful festival! We're so glad for the support and submissions that many of you have already given, and we're looking forward to more coming soon... BUT... that time is drawing near. Remember, the deadline for submitting your applications is this Friday, January 18.

We've already recieved a few great submissions for this year's Festival, but we want to make sure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to compete! Many of you have stated that you've got a great film in the works, but need just a little more time, so here's what we're doing... IF you get your application in to us here at RBSFF Central by COB, (Craig tells me this stands for Close of Business) on January 18, we will accept your DVD film submission up to COB (there it is again,) on January 24th. Again... this deal only applies if we have recieved your FULL aplication. Need a little time? Take advantage of this chance to tidy up those loose ends!

Again, we're more than happy to accept them after the date, but only if we've received your submission by COB this Friday. If it's any later, we won't get it! Craig and myself will be out seeing what Cloverfield's monster really looks like... and we're not missing out on that for ANYTHING! So, go to for more information, as always, and get those apps to us ASAP! We're looking forward to what you've got to show us and your audience!

OK gang, I'll be back in a couple of days with a retrospective of last year's festival... with no Colts game this weekend, it's back to life at the movies for me! In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and Clutch first, Indiana!